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“Michelle is my coach, partnering with me as I develop my business plan and strategy.  She provides excellent coaching by listening, asking important questions, and making the space I needed to gain clarity, focus, and build my strategic plan. I thought I knew what direction I was headed, but through conversations with Michelle, I realized that I wanted something very different. It feels freeing and satisfying to unlock a better course of action that is far more fulfilling than what I thought I should be doing. Partnering with Michelle set me on a path to greater professional fulfillment.”

— Jill G

“I want to heartily recommend Michelle to anyone who has the courage to name imposter syndrome as a barrier to being the most authentic and effective leader possible. Like so many others, I have also suffered at times in my life of self-doubt and believing I was inadequate and not enough. With the help of others, I was able to realize that my inner dialogue was just a story and I had enormous ability to change that story. I was also fortunate enough to have the privilege to work with Michelle and to be inspired by her own courageous journey to find her true voice and it is incredibly powerful. She’s a great coach, leader, and educator and I know she has and will positively impact many, many lives.”

- Greg Hiebert

Leadership Expert, Executive Coach, Author and Cofounder of Leadership Forward

“Michelle is a gifted and talented coach. She inspires others to be their best. Michelle is able to connect easily with her coaching clients and provides them amazing support - AND- is still able to hold them accountable. She is curious and inquisitive and is able to identify what her clients need.”

- Christie Cooper

Ed.D Cooper Consulting Group

“Michelle is a real as it gets. Her honest approach to helping leader defeat imposter syndrome comes from the personal battles she’s faced over her career in healthcare. Michelle is relentless in championing those who come up against this giant. She is someone you want on your team when you are aiming for the top!!”

- Jen Rowland

Rowland Leadership Training and Consulting

“Michelle is a highly skilled executive coach who is passionate about helping talented professionals overcome imposter syndrome. Her approach is both empathetic and practical, providing clients with the tools and guidance they need to develop their confidence and achieve their goals. Michelle is a competent, compassionate, and dedicated professional who has made a significant impact on the lives and careers of many individuals, teams and organizations. I highly recommend Michelle to anyone looking to improve their leadership skills, overcome self-doubt and achieve their full potential.”

- Ashley Schaer

Fractional COO www.ashleyschaer.com

“I had the privilege of working closely with Michelle as a teammate for 6 years. Michelle was proactive, pragmatic, and challenged assumptions at every turn. Bolstered by her influence and leadership, we were able to turn a $159M service line into a $600M Institute with world class quality and performance.”

- Dr Mark Townsend

“I have had the opportunity to work with Michelle in multiple formats and locations throughout my career. She is a champion for cultural transformation and serves as an excellent mentor and leader in her profession. As a coach, Michelle possesses the skills and keen insight to understand a situation and offer poignant feedback. She pulls on her decades long leadership experience to help clients adjust to their situations, collaborate across disciplines, and showcase their strengths on a national stage. Her leadership acumen allows her to asses her clients strengths and opportunities, offering positive and engaging feedback for areas of improvement. I highly recommend Michelle as a coach will continue to draw on her expertise throughout my career.”

- Robert E.


“For over twenty years it’s been my honor and pleasure to know and work with Michelle. Michelle’s true passion is the development of leaders, helping them to achieve outcomes as their very best selves. You will not find a more energized and energizing coach to challenge and mentor others in personal and professional growth!”

— Dr. Joan D.

“I worked with Michelle in a leadership collaboration. During our time together, I was impressed by her ability to incorporate self-awareness and insight into true leadership philosophy. I observed her love of “ growing her team “. She was always “ in the moment “ with them during meeting time and had an uncanny sense of “ reading them “. This is a true skill that leaders can leverage in relationship building: it’s a gift. Michelle was consistent and always focused on “ doing the right thing” while navigating organizational politics. A truly important quality that is overlooked at times is the ability to find joy in the journey and ensure there is fun in the work. Michelle by nature, exudes positivity and gratitude. The teams that she led gravitated to this and actually began to model this important piece of leadership. She is and was a pleasure to know and continues to be a work colleague.”

- Christina DeRosa


“I have the pleasure of supporting a dynamic group of nurse leaders responsible for oversight of critical care nursing departments. Establishing a vision, goal and culture is the backbone of an effective and engaged team. This requires an investment with leader development for myself and most importantly those I support.

Over the last five years I’ve had the opportunity to receive leader coaching sessions with Michelle Cabell. Undoubtedly the best professional investment for myself which resulted with increased leadership knowledge, skills, and awareness of how to build an effective team. This directly impacted my ability to increase leader engagement, results management and branding a team that is seen as highly effective within my organization.”

— Coral H. Senior Director

“Michelle was clearly expert in this domain and fluidly adapted the time, pace and focus to allow the group to have an important dialogue about respective strengths.”

- Client for Agile EQ

“She was great! Very insightful, helpful to know that we are a well-rounded group. She didn’t spew things that we wanted to hear; she was genuine in wanting to help us.

— Client B.G.

“Wow…..I had significant insights even after the first session! I know that I will become the best version of myself in my second half of life, both personally and professionally, because of this work.”

- Coaching Client D.M.

Michelle was very knowledgeable and a great presenter / communicator….. appreciate her energy and experience”

— Client H.E.

“Michelle was professional and knowledgeable….the information provided in regard to how to relate to an employee and handle some tough but needed conversations was beneficial!”

- Client N.Y.L.

“I was surprised, in a good way, that Michelle was comfortable being vulnerable herself and this, in turn, created trust. I felt psychologically and emotionally safe to share my own experiences.”

— Client C.A.T

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