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The success of any organization is grounded in the performance of their leadership teams. Businesses that employ team coaching services maximize the benefits of executive/leadership coaching in a collaborative, group setting resulting in high performing, synergistic teams that deliver breakthrough results.

The dynamics of a team are complex. Differences in personality, style, perspective, expertise, and priorities lead to challenges that, if left unchecked, negatively impact business outcomes. Quality, employee and customer experience, profitability and successful strategy execution are at risk when teams are not at their best.

Team Coaching Program

Partnering with us in a team coaching service will improve your teams’ effectiveness by increasing collaboration, connection, and flow to achieve common goals. Problems and opportunities are identified,  and proven models, strategies and tools are employed to assist the team in overcoming the challenges. The work done in these sessions facilitates not only an environment of learning new skills but also an environment where behaviors are changed and emotional intelligence is developed.

Executive Team Development Coaching

Our team coaching training – a revolutionary approach to achieving success through team development. Michelle is the perfect choice for your team’s training needs.

Our training program helps your team identify and recognize difficult problems before they even arise. Through this approach, teams can become more united and focused on the tasks at hand. With practical steps and actionable strategies, teams can learn how to effectively collaborate and achieve mutual goals.

We have the experience and knowledge to help your team realize its potential and focus on success. Each training session will be tailored to the needs of your team, focusing on building an environment where positive relationships are nurtured, empowering team members to be their best selves and push one another further.

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Team coaching helps teams reach their goals, while creating a sustainable environment that cultivates engagement, team health and success. What is Team Coaching? | College of Executive Coaching (executivecoachcollege.com)

Rather than isolating single members for individual coaching, the team participates in coaching as a group. The coaching utilizes a facilitated discussion with the team of leaders that provides space and time to gain insights, learn from one another and practically apply what is discovered.  Shared learning builds support, accountability and sustainability in application.

The Coach Hub Global Business Trends in Coaching determined: First, the evidence from this study tells us that for the majority of businesses, coaching has become an integral part of their learning and development offering. Second, they expect the use of coaching to grow during the next 12 months. Third, they see the potential of coaching as a solution for a host of business challenges such as addressing leadership development, diversity, equity and inclusion and supporting the delivery of organizational transformation.

The benefits of team coaching are many because the team’s impact is greater than the sum of the individual’s contributions. How Team Coaching Can Help Your Executive Team Lead As One (forbes.com) If your interested in team coaching services in Lynchburg and across Virginia, you will gain benefits including the ones listed below:

  • Shared team insight and growth
  • Trust is built among the members of the team
  • Self and other awareness is enhanced among the team fostering strong relationships
  • Communication is optimized in a safe environment that then translates to the work setting
  • Strengths and challenges are easily identified and addressed in a collaborative way
  • Accountability is built into the dynamic allowing for peer to peer coaching
  • A team culture of respect and collaboration is fostered
  • Job satisfaction is exponentially increased leading to an innovative, motivated and engaged set of leaders. Well-being, engagement and retention are all positively impacted The CoachHub Global Survey: Business Trends in Coaching 2023

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