Our Frameworks

Optimized Leadership utilizes frameworks and a specialized coaching approach to guide client engagements in leadership optimization. These frameworks are utilized in detailed structure and process behind each element to aid in self-discovery and awareness that allows for effective leader growth and in finding purpose and meaning in the work clients engage in.

Leading from Authenticity

Years of experience in leadership facilitated the development of the Leading From Authenticity Framework. The framework is built based on the foundational awareness that authenticity is a critical element to success as a leader.

Authenticity is unique to every individual and serves to optimize contribution and fulfillment when it is used as the clarifying lens for leaders. The framework walks through discovery and defining process to allow for crystal clear vision of unique authenticity.

The framework is also grounded in leading from an intentionally fostered culture of coaching. Leaders who posture themselves from a learning perspective and who capitalize on inquiry minimize the risk of becoming closed minded and unaware of bias that exists unchallenged that could limit their impact and influence.

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At the center of the model will always be People and Performance. As leaders who are invested in serving those we lead, our success will rely on our ability to focus on those we lead and to strive for continual progress and performance.

Once these foundational elements are clear, the four quadrants of leadership optimization

The Power of Investing In People

The Power of Pursing Leadership Excellence

The Power of Leveraging Effective Partnerships

The Power of Process Driven Progress

are broken down into building blocks that focus on optimizing our leadership with intention.

Targeting Performance

This framework walks through detailed inquiry and exploration to assist in defining individual authenticity. This powerful process enlightens and inspires leaders while beginning their journey to enhanced fulfillment and meaning in their work.

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