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Organizations that achieve transformational change acknowledge and are proactive about the concept that culture trumps strategy in accomplishment of vision and goals. Culture must be empowering, engaging and visionary. The most effective strategy to support a healthy culture is by investing in leadership development at all levels of the business. As a premier leadership coach in Lynchburg Virginia, we follow processes and models that foster self-awareness, self-management and interpersonal skill development leading to establishment of this culture. The result is high performance for the leader and the teams that they lead.

Leaders transition from individually completing the work as a frontline contributor to executing the work through others as a leader. This is accomplished only when the leader has established a culture of trust, autonomy, innovation, and accountability within their teams.

Leadership development and coaching has proven to be one of the most effective practices to take your leaders to this next level in a meaningful and sustained way resulting in skill building that has lasting and marked impact.

Many leaders have risen to their position by proving their worth through “what” they have accomplished in their career. Our leadership coaching services focus on “how” success is achieved. Focusing on the health of the organizational culture for the employees through interpersonal savvy and emotional intelligence of leadership yields a high-performance environment where teams excel.

In an age of unprecedented change and growth in business, leaders are often promoted into positions without adequate support or training. The transition into new roles and expanded scope requires new knowledge to face new challenges and prepare to take on additional responsibilities.

What does a Leadership Coach Do:

Our integrated model provides both education into proven models and processes to build leadership skill and to change behavior along with  coaching to reinforce and reaffirm skills and assure transition of insight to application.

Most organizations tend to miss the mark by providing corporate leadership development training that is not coupled with processes to assure transference of insight into actual application and behavioral change. This is where the investment has the highest payoff!  Studies show that this is best accomplished when the training is supported by coaching, either individually or by teams, to bring the learning to real time use. The practiced skills alter leadership style and behavior for sustained improvement. Comparing the Effectiveness of Individual Coaching, Self-Coaching, and Group Training: How Leadership Makes the Difference – PMC (nih.gov)

Is Leadership Coaching Effective?

The answer to this is undeniably….YES! Many studies published in respected leadership journals and books demonstrate over and again that coaching is the secret ingredient that serves as the catalyst for leadership change and success. Want to see for yourself? Here are just a few studies and articles:

Making the Business Case for Executive Coaching (td.org)

(PDF) Analysis of executive coaching effectiveness: a study from the coachee perspective (researchgate.net)

(PDF) Evaluating the effectiveness of executive coaching: Beyond ROI? (researchgate.net) This meta-analysis of empirical evidence demonstrated the effectiveness while also highlighting the importance of selecting a leadership coaching service that is credible, evidence based and trained in alignment with the International Coaching Federation.

How Does Leadership Coaching Help?

This is an investment, we get it. And dollars invested need to prove return. A study by the Institute of Coaching demonstrated that 86% of companies that made the investment recouped the full investment plus more. How Does Coaching Actually Help Leaders? (forbes.com)

So how does leadership development coaching actually help?

  • Increases self-awareness, the foundational element of improvement and growth
  • Identifies and targets areas of opportunity that then results in self-management and behavioral change
  • Increases leader confidence to interact with and relate to their teams up, across and down in the organization increasing influence and optimizing their contribution
  • Improves relationships by providing skills to handle conflict, to manage differences in leadership style, personality and preference resulting in maximized team performance
  • Broadens perspective and supports leadership lifelong learning keeping organizations agile, nimble and forward thinking
  • Anticipates, reduces, and even eliminates leader work stress, fatigue and burnout

Our Leadership Coaching services include:

  • Individual and team coaching for the executive level, advancing leaders, new leaders and emerging leadership team members
  • A combination, customized with your organization, of leadership insight sharing with coaching and processes to transfer knowledge into action
  • A tailored approach that incorporates your corporate language into the engagement. The coach will speak from an organizational perspective incorporating specific strategy, vision, values and operational priorities.

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