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Our suite of DiSC assessments is designed to offer actionable insights into your professional behavior and leadership style, empowering you to foster a culture of collaboration and effectiveness in the workplace.

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DiSC Workplace


Discover a deeper understanding of your work personality with the DiSC Workplace Assessment. This insightful tool is designed to enhance workplace relationships, improve communication, and foster a more harmonious and productive environment.

Everything DiSC Workplace on Catalyst


Elevate your understanding of workplace dynamics with Everything DiSC Workplace on Catalyst. This advanced assessment provides an enhanced platform for those looking to deeply explore their professional personality and improve workplace interactions.

DiSC Agile EQ


Step into the world of emotional intelligence with DiSC Agile EQ, a specialized assessment designed to enhance your emotional agility in professional settings. This assessment combines the foundational principles of DiSC with a focused exploration of emotional intelligence, providing a unique tool for personal and professional development.

DiSC Productive Conflict


Navigate and resolve workplace conflicts more effectively with the DiSC Productive Conflict assessment. This specialized tool is designed to help you understand your inherent conflict behaviors and how to manage them positively. By recognizing both your own and others’ conflict styles, this assessment paves the way for healthier, more productive workplace interactions.

DiSC Management Profile


Unlock your potential as a leader with the DiSC Management Profile assessment. This tailored tool is designed to delve into your unique management style, providing insights on how to effectively lead, motivate, and develop your team. Ideal for both emerging and experienced leaders, this assessment offers a comprehensive view of your managerial strengths and areas for growth.

DiSC Work of Leaders


Elevate your leadership acumen with the DiSC Work of Leaders assessment. This specialized tool is designed to deeply explore and enhance the three vital areas of effective leadership: vision, alignment, and execution. By focusing on these key elements, this assessment guides leaders in refining their approach to leadership and achieving greater organizational success.

Maximize Your Insights with a Personal Debrief

Take your DiSC assessment to the next level by adding a one-on-one consultation with Michelle. In this personalized session, you will dive deeper into your results, gaining clarity on what they mean and how you can apply these insights to achieve your full potential. This invaluable add-on ensures you have the guidance to turn your DiSC insights into actionable strategies for personal and professional growth.

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Features DiSC Workplace Everything DiSC on Catalyst Personal Debrief Package
Individual Assessment Access
Personalized Report
Catalyst Platform Access
Focus on Emotional Intelligence
Conflict Resolution Strategies
Leadership Development Insights
90-minute Personal Debrief
Group Discount Rate
Price $99 $99 $520

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