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Building A Harmonious, High Performance Work Culture

Implementing DiSC Facilitation Strategies by Employing a DiSC Assessment Coach

We have all heard it said….culture eats strategy for lunch.  As leaders, we recognize this to be true but often do not know the steps to take to create a culture that is empowering, engaging and fosters high-performance teams. The essence of the desired culture leaves no room for unproductive conflict and misunderstanding that hinders productivity, employee wellbeing and satisfaction. This type of culture exists where collaboration and understanding thrive and this is accomplished through strong relationships within the organization.

And we can help you just as we have helped others in their quest for success through culture change that is focused on the people! Get ready to unlock the secrets of harmonious teamwork and witness the positive transformation it brings to your organization through our DiSC coaching. Your journey towards a more collaborative and fulfilling work environment starts now.

Why DiSC Facilitation Strategies

DiSC is the most validated and reliable personal assessment that has been utilized by over 50 million individuals in various industries to:

  • Improve communication
  • Build trust
  • Foster collaboration, synergy
  • Avoid and resolve conflict
  • Increase productivity, effectiveness, efficiency and establish high performance teams through exceptional teamwork

This is accomplished by objectively raising self-awareness and having practical strategies and insights for personal development. Additionally, it provides understanding into the natural styles of others and learning adaptive behaviors while valuing differences is a catalyst to the high-performance culture.

DiSC can also be used as a hiring assessment to find the best fit for optimal outcomes.

What Sets Us Apart in Our DiSC Coaching

Our Platform:

Our innovative and interactive Everything DiSC Catalyst Learning Platform takes DiSC learning to the next level.

The Catalyst platform allows all members of the organization who complete the DiSC assessment to run reports with other individuals, department to department and even employee to direct supervisor that assist individuals:

  • Learn how you are perceived in the workplace
  • Compare your results with colleagues and learn strategies to increase connection 
  • Develop appreciation of other DiSC styles and what strengths they bring to the team
  • Create an on-going language of teamwork
  • Learn how to avoid and resolve conflict effectively
  • Learn how to communicate well
  • Dive deeper into DiSC by adding Catalyst Learning Modules:  DiSC Agile EQ and DiSC Management and 5 Behaviors of Teams
  • Learn how to identify DiSC styles with the People-Reading process
  • Put actionable strategies in place to inspire team interactions
  • Develop skills to increase your leadership influence
  • Build sales skills by identifying and responding to customer communication styles
  • Manage more effectively by understanding what motivates and stresses employees and team members
  • ~NEW~ Conversation Starters that allow individuals and leaders to continue the conversation and keep DiSC top of mind independently or in partnership with a coach  through questions and activities for their teams.

This benefit, at no additional cost to you or the organization is the game changer for integrating the knowledge into sustainable behavior change that alters the culture.

Learn more from the video here: Everything DiSC – Catalyst

Our Process:

  • Individual DiSC assessments for selected members of the organization
  • Immediate access via our cutting edge, unique and innovative platform (see below) to the assessment report containing explanations and detailed information on how to utilize the insights from the report
  • A facilitated, interactive session with a certified DiSC Assessment Facilitator with over 25 years of executive, leadership, and facilitation experience. The session provides further insights while allowing members of the team to interact and apply the insights in different scenarios such as project work, conflict, teamwork and more.
  • A personal, individualized development plan to transfer insight to application at the end of the session
  • A follow up mastermind session with the team to assure sustainability and return on investment
  • Individual and team coaching options with additional strategies and support for successful integration of the knowledge gained
  • Expansion

Our Partnership:

  • Our success lies in your success, and we approach every engagement with that understanding. We are only successful if your organization finds not only value in education but also in application leading to changes in your business interactions.
  • We spend the time to get to personalize our work to speak the language of your organization. Using relevant terminology, applicable case studies, real time challenges or examples and company language we assure that our work mirrors the mission, values and strategic direction of the organization to add optimal value.
  • We partner with you for the long-term, working with individuals, teams, departments and interdepartments at all levels of the organization to expand upon the insights and topics from the assessment. We offer specific interactive sessions on many topics related to DiSC including:
    • Resolving Workplace Conflict
    • Addressing Poor Performance Effectively
    • Communicating to Build Connection
    • Developing and Strengthening Emotional Intelligence
    • And more….

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