5 Behaviors Team Coaching

Our team coaching approach is inspired by the principles outlined in Peter Lencioni’s best-selling book, ‘The Five Dysfunctions of a Team’.

We’ve integrated these proven concepts into our coaching methodology to help teams achieve their highest potential.

The Dynamic Nature of Teams in Today's Workplace

What does a successful team look like in our fast-evolving workspace? As collaboration becomes integral, the dynamics of teams have seen a monumental shift.

The Evolution of Team Dynamics

Did You Know? Over the last few decades, collaboration time in meetings, calls, and online platforms has skyrocketed, accounting for over 60% of employees’ time. But as teams diversify and evolve, so do the challenges.

According to Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace: 2023 Report, disengaged employees and dysfunctional teams cost the world an unbelievable

$8.8 trillion

in lost productivity.

The New Age Team Landscape

A Glimpse of Our Findings: Wiley Workplace Learning Solutions embarked on a journey to understand teams better. Drawing from over 20,000 responses, we discovered that today’s teams are diverse, dispersed, and multifaceted.

  1. Complex and Fluid: 76% of employees are part of at least two teams, with 73% working in various team structures, from project-based to matrix.
  2. Geographically Diverse: With 28% having international teammates and 51% collaborating virtually, the landscape is truly global.

The Interpersonal Skill Gap: A Critical Challenge

While most see themselves as efficient team players, our data suggests a disparity. Trust issues, commitment lapses, and accountability woes are more rampant than we’d like to admit.

The Tangible Impact of Teamwork Challenges

Stark Realities: Poor team dynamics not only dent productivity but also hit the bottom line. Inefficiencies cost organizations in terms of time, resources, and culture. The result? A loss equating to a staggering 5% of GDP!

From Challenges to Opportunities

Amid these challenges lies the potential for change. By focusing on the right tools and fostering interpersonal skills, organizations can steer their teams towards unparalleled success.

Join the Revolution

With our insights and your commitment, let’s redefine teamwork.
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